About Mexico City Library

Overview of Mexico City Library

Biblioteca José Vasconcelos, shortly Vasconcelos Library, is one of the most important cultural centers throughout the Mexico city, and besides, it is one of the vast libraries of the city. The library is also known as la Biblioteca Vasconcelos, la Vasconcelos, and internationally is broadly known as Mexico City Library.

It has been labeled as the "Megabiblioteca" by the press. Biblioteca Vasconcelos was dedicated to José Vasconcelos, the philosopher, former presidential candidate and the former president of the National Library of Mexico.

History and capacity of Mexico City Library

Mexico City Library covers a space of around 38,000 square meters (about 409,000 sq ft). A commercing planned cost of 954 million pesos (that is roughly US$98 million) was used for this library's foundation.

 On May 16, 2006, the President of Mexico Vicente Fox inaugurated the library and stated that it was one of the most advanced and marvelous constructions of the 21st century. According to him, the library would have been spoken of throughout the world.

In March 2007, Mexico City Library had to close due to construction work and defects. The capacity of annual visitors and attendants of the library reaches about 1,825,000.

How to get to Mexico City Library

Mexico City Library is located in downtown Delegación Cuauhtémoc right at the Buenavista train station, where the suburban train, metro, and Metrobus meet. The exact address of this library is Eje 1 Norte Esquina Aldama S/N, Buenavista, Cuauhtémoc, 06350 Mexico City.

Different transport systems are ranging from the lodging area to the venue. Visitors and the readers of Biblioteca Vasconcelos can use any of these transportation means, including underground that takes 30 minutes, bus within 30 minutes. Metrobus 20 minutes, and also by taxi in around 15 minutes (costs $5 - 10 USD).

Building and design of Mexico City Library

The Mexican architects Juan Palomar and Alberto Kalach designed the winning proposal for the Biblioteca Vasconcelos. It must be noted that this mega library is composed of three linked buildings, of which each holds three floors, along with transparent walls and rooftops. The library building is around 270 meters long and 28 meters tall, and every three buildings have six levels.

With concrete, steel, and glass, architects build all three linked buildings of Mexico City Library. With the help of these mixes, the library design allows a considerable space, which is favorable to inspiration and learning. The facility enables using natural lighting, modern interior design, and temperate weather.

There are elevators and stairs situated in the library, connecting the different levels of the Biblioteca Vasconcelos building along with separated spaces. In the middle, there is a fleet of mobile shelves that hold around the 580,000 books in its collection. Mexico City Library serves as an inspirational space for study, reading, reflection, and resting too.

Designed by Albert Kalach, the Vasconcelos Library is often cited as an example of contemporary architecture. Besides, the library is adorned by several sculptures by Mexican artists, such as Gabriel Orozco's Ballena (Whale), which is at the center of the library building.

Seminar rooms

Mexico City Library has the auditorium with seats for around 500 people. It is equipped with a large projection screen, a dedicated space on the 1st floor for illumination, VIP assistants, and press. Also, there is a professional audio and video equipment available. The auditorium is in the garden of the library, and the architect of the library designed it with a "green rooftop."

On the 1st floor, Biblioteca Vasconcelos has three dedicated rooms, namely A, B, and C. Each dedicated room has a capacity for 60 people, and a projection screen is available.

Reading rooms

Mexico City Library accommodates four large spaces with 200 people at either north and south reading halls. These rooms can be used for the hackathon, speed sessions, Chapter Village event, or workshops.

Besides, other workshops and meetings of the community can hold at any one of the library's more than 40 reading rooms. These are specific halls for no more than 30 people, along with tables and chairs. To prevent sound pollution from one place to another, Vasconcelos library alternates the use of each area.

Multimedia and Kid’s area at Mexico City Library

Mexico City Library provides a multimedia room that can be used for workshops mainly that require work with desktop computers. Besides, if it is needed, Biblioteca Vasconcelos provides a considered installing of a childcare nursery along with private care service for the attendants' and visitors' children.

Kid's area has a particular service that consists of a variety of playful experiences, some based on Mexican culture and games, which means children will be able to play and learn at the same time.

Library Services

Mexico City Library provides several customer services, such as:

  • Rest areas are situated on each floor, where there are many areas for smoke and rest.
  • Library's wireless internet - Wi-Fi (customers can also ask for further use of the internet to hire for private events).
  • Locker rooms are located on the first floor of the library building.
  • Every WC consists of drinkable water fountains.

Mexico City Library Gardens

There are many gardens populated with endemic flora of Mexico City that surrounds all three linked library buildings. These gardens aim to allow readers to rest and enjoy the peace of mind. Besides, these gardens hold the capacity of the land of around 26,000 m2.

Accordingly, the gardens are considered a substantial part of the Biblioteca Vasconcelos. These spaces are designed to install at least five areas of socialization for all visitors, readers, and attendees with lounge furniture, the lunch area, and the leading coffee break space.

The tunnels and paths that are designed throughout the library connect all the gardens of the library.

Along with old pieces of the train station and sculptures, the library received admiration. Another goal for designing these gardens was to make visitors be glad and enjoy having a tempered green space with a lot of pristine air to counter the pollution and noise of a big city in Mexico.

Mexico City's most significant library is also known as Biblioteca Vasconcelos or “la Biblioteca Vasconcelos." The library was dedicated to José Vasconcelos, who was the philosopher and former president of the National Library of Mexico.

The capacity of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Biblioteca Vasconcelos covers 38,000 square meters (409,000 sq.ft) and is adorned with several sculptures by Mexican artists.

Location of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Biblioteca Vasconcelos is located in downtown Delegación Cuauhtémoc.

Address: Eje 1 Norte Mosqueta S/N, Colonia Buenavista, 06350 Ciudad de México.

History of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

The President of Mexico Vicente Fox inaugurated the library in 2006. Due to constructions library closed in 2007 and was reopened to the public after 22 months, in 2008.

Facilities of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

The archive of the library contains 575 thousand books that are collected within its nine years of existence.

The library features a multimedia room, a children’s library, computers, and reading stations.

Book storage and reading areas are situated above the main lobby.

Its reading areas line the perimeter of the building, and here is a program with lower light requirements that occupy the interior void.

Opening Hours of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

The library is available from Sunday to Saturday, from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Design of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

The library is considered as a “mega library” for its size and the undeniable sense of import that is conveyed by the structure itself.

Alberto Kalach designed the collective space. It is five libraries, each committed to a different Mexican luminary. Also, its stacks and layered walkways are composed as the dense root system of hanging plants.

The bookshelves are framed in light for adjusting illuminated browsing.

Botanical Garden of Biblioteca Vasconcelos

With Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Kalach presented a design that encouraged ecological regeneration.

The botanical garden surrounds the library with over 60,000 species of endemic to Mexico.

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