Blue Moon of Kentucky - Library of Congress

“Blue Moon of Kentucky”—Bill Monroe and the Blue. Grass Boys (1947). Added to the National Registry: 2002. Essay by Cary O'Dell, with Matt Barton.

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Blue Moon of Kentucky - Library of Congress

“Blue Moon of Kentucky”—Bill Monroe and the Blue. Grass Boys (1947). Added to the National Registry: 2002. Essay by Cary O'Dell, with Matt Barton.

The Dark Side of the Moon - Library of Congress

Weird time signatures. Experimental sounds. In 1973, Pink Floyd was a somewhat known progressive rock band, but it was this, their ninth album, that catapulted ...

Blue Moon

26 Dec 2013 ... Page 1. Blue Moon. Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Am · 7 · Dm · 7 · G · 7 · Dm · 7 · Am · 7 · G · 7 · C · C · Dm · 7 · Am · 7 · G · 7. 5. Am · 7 · Dm.

Blue Moon - Bruce Watson

G7. C Am F. G7. C Am F G7. Without a dream in my heart without a love of my own. C Am F. G7. C. Am F. Blue Moon you knew just what I was there for. G7. C.

Blue Moon - Tommy Emmanuel CGPAM

Blue Moon Tommy Emmanuel (1955-). Dare to be different. Words & Music by Music: Richard Rodgers - Lyrics: Lorenz Hart. 1/7. Copyright ...

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Porno comics. X-rated comics. BT Comics (Graphic works). RT Erotic comics. NT Tijuana bibles. Pornographic films. UF Adult films (Pornographic films).

RDA - Library of Congress

dos”) y RDA, o cambios en las políticas de LC sobre RCAA2, así como algunos de los ... porque continuaremos utilizando el campo 245 como la fuente para nombrar la obra seriada; y ... registro, pero el error tipográfico en el nombre del editor tal vez no sea tan importante de ... 100 $a Lindgren, Astrid, $d 1907-2002.

Comics! - Library of Congress

1 Sep 2017 ... Real People as Comic. Book Characters! Seduction of the. Innocent! PLUS. Birth of Spider-Man | Lynda Carter & Wondrous Women | ...

Mal Hombre - Library of Congress

Mendoza always enacted a space of popular collective expression, an audible Mexican. American homeland. Throughout her performance career Lydia ...

announcement - Library of Congress

22 Ago 1997 ... Los malvivientes. Mama solita. Mama soy Paquito. Mama soy Paquito 11. Manana seran hombres. El manantial de amor. Manicomio. La mano ...

Oh Happy Day - Library of Congress

“Oh Happy Day” – The Edwin Hawkins Singers. (1968). Added to the National Registry: 2005. Essay by Bill Carpenter (guest post)*. Original label. The Edwin ...

16 Tons - Library of Congress

“16 Tons” --Tennessee Ernie Ford (1955). Added to the National Registry: 2014. Essay by Ted Olson (guest post)* s. Tennessee Ernie Ford. Record sleeve.

The Gambler - Library of Congress

By the time he scored a major crossover hit with “The Gambler” during 1978–79, Kenny Rogers was well-versed in the story-song form. He had sung many story ...

military law - Library of Congress

6 Oct 1992 ... festering across the country, posing the greatest immediate risk to hundreds of thousands ... Celotex Corp., 851 F.2d 86, 91 (3d Cir. 19881, cert.

Le Freak - Library of Congress

“Le Freak”—Chic (1978). Added to the National Registry: 2017. Essay by Cary O'Dell. “Le Freak” 45 sleeve. Original 45 label. Nile Rodgers. Inevitably, there ...

I Will Survive - Library of Congress

and her band had been performing their own arrangement of the classic song “Never Can. Say Goodbye” and, after a move to MGM Records, she recorded her ...

You Are My Sunshine - Library of Congress

“You Are My Sunshine”— Jimmie Davis (1940). Added to the National Registry: 2012. Essay by Ronnie Pugh (guest post)*. Jimmie Davis. One of the classic ...

Passover Haggadot at the Library of Congress

One last category of material relevant to Passover in the Hebraic Section has been ... Union College, Cincinnati, OH; assession. #. ... Migdal cEder ha-Hadash.

My Funny Valentine - Library of Congress

“My Funny Valentine”--The Gerry Mulligan. Quartet featuring Chet Baker (1953). Added to the National Registry: 2014. Essay by Jeroen de Valk (guest post)*.

Road to Morocco - Library of Congress

Johnny Burke's lyrics, batted back and forth by the two stars, are a high point of the Road films' self-parodying, in-joke humor: Where we're goin', why we're goin',.

Songs By Tom Lehrer - Library of Congress

The love song “I Hold Your Hand in Mine” was about a severed hand. “Be Prepared” urged Boy. Scouts to pimp their sisters. “My Home Town” gleefully recalled a ...

“At Last”—Etta James - Library of Congress

“At Last”—Etta James (1961). Added to the National Registry: 2008. Essay by Cary O'Dell. Etta James. Original label. Original LP. Etta James's legendary 1961 ...

Old Soldiers Never Die speech - Library of Congress

General Douglas MacArthur. Much of the nation was listening on radio as General of the Army Douglas MacArthur began to address a joint session of Congress ...

A Change is Gonna Come - Library of Congress

Added to the National Registry: 2006. Essay by B.G. Rhule (guest post)*. Sam Cooke. Recalling Sam Cooke's “A Change is Gonna Come”. So much has been ...

“The Joshua Tree”--U2 - Library of Congress

Both musically and lyrically,. “With or Without You” prefigures what many consider to be U2's best single, 1991's “One.” With “Bullet the Blue Sky,” the Edge ...

The Army Lawyer (Nov 92) - Library of Congress

6 Nov 1992 ... E Any specific questions a client may have are resimed ... lOlE.g.,Recording Obligations Under EPA Ccsl-Plus-Eixed-Fec contract, B-195732, ...

Master of Puppets - Library of Congress

“Master of Puppets”—Metallica (1986). Added to the National Registry: 2015. Essay by Daniel Bukszpan (guest post)*. Album cover. Album label. Metallica.

Songs of the Chippewa AFS L22 - Library of Congress

the Archive of Folk Song in the LibraIy of Con gress. The oripnaI ... tile Miele'wTwTn. LOVE SONGS (810-16) ... other conditions. In this way he could ~cure the.

“What's Going On”—Marvin Gaye - Library of Congress

year, Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On,” endures as a standout example of modern ... Gaye. “What's Going On's” opening lyrics were blunt in its subject matter:.

Tutti Frutti - Library of Congress

Originally, the lyrics of “Tutti Frutti” celebrated the female backside: “Tutti frutti, good ... Phil Collin's “Susideo“ and, originally, Gwen Stefani's “Hollaback Girl.

“My Girl”--The Temptations - Library of Congress

“My Girl”--The Temptations (1964). Added to the National Registry: 2017. Essay by Adam White (guest post)*. 45 sleeve. Original label. Smokey Robinson.

El modelo FRBR - Library of Congress

catalogación de todo el mundo. Veamos los Requerimientos Funcionales para Registros Bibliográficos: las entidades, relaciones y atributos de ese modelo, ...

Minnie the Moocher - Library of Congress

“Minnie the Moocher”--Cab Calloway (1931). Added to the National Registry: 2018. Essay by Herb Boyd (guest post)*. Cab Calloway. Cab Calloway was one of ...

“My Girl”—The Temptations - Library of Congress

The Temptations' 1964 recording of “My Girl” came at a critical confluence for the group, the. Motown label, and a culture roiling with the first waves of the British ...

Unlocking Cell Phones - Library of Congress

5 Jun 2013 ... T-Mobile and AT&T impose device eligibility requirements,. 49 and Sprint admits that it is actually incapable of unlocking several of its devices, ...

“Oh, Pretty Woman”—Roy Orbison - Library of Congress

Roy Orbison's “Oh, Pretty Woman” (often erroneously referred to as just “Pretty Woman”) was recorded in 1964 and was added to the National Registry in 2007. It ...

Railroad Songs and Ballads AFS L61 - Library of Congress

3 Apr 2011 ... this song but, unfortunately, Gordon did not record ... Come all you jolly railroad men, and I'll sing you jf I can ... If ever I marry in aU my life.

“Radio Free Europe”—REM - Library of Congress

They followed it with 1989's “Stand,” 1991's “Losing My. Religion” (their biggest seller); and “Shiny, Happy People” also in '91. Later successful releases.

Billy Joel interview - Library of Congress

12 Apr 2017 ... Is the song 100% true and autobiographical? Billy Joel: It's pretty accurate. It's what really went on when I was a piano man in this piano bar. All ...

Negotiating with the Dead - - Library of Congress

Negotiating with the dead : a writer on writing / Margaret Atwood. p. cm. ... book, or the poem, or the letter, or whatever you would ... I wrote a letter to my love.